chapter  2
Evaluation of Visitability of Public Urban Places
WithHenk Voogd
Pages 10

This chapter analyses some approaches for evaluating visitability. How can the 'visitability' principle be implemented? The basic elements suggest that it is a simple matter of applying the right technical norms and standards, of evaluating the city areas by means of such a checklist and then by correcting the undesirable situations. A cluster evaluation of local visitability policy could also be usefully performed in an international setting, since its prime objective is to learn lessons about systemic change. Cluster evaluation deals with the evaluation of groups of projects. It is a means of determining how well the collection of projects fulfils the objective of systemic change. The basic question to be answered by cluster evaluation could be 'how do disability councils affect public policy-making?' or 'how is the organisation of these councils – example. its position in local networks – affecting its effectiveness?' or 'which sectors of public policy have been influenced and how and why?'