chapter  6
Contextual Knowledge Generated by a Decision Support System for Brownfield Development — The Case of Porto Marghera (Venice, Italy)
WithDomenico Patassini, Paola Cossettini, Enrico De Polignol, Markus Hedorfer, Chiara Paneghetti, Enrico Rinaldi
Pages 26

This chapter reflects upon the die communicative use of the Electre – Giuditta – Risk; Environment; Cost – AuReS (ELGIRA) Decision Support System which is in the phase of testing as a part of the Consorzio Ricerche Laguna research project. The design of ELGIRA is a 'work in progress' with its main aim being to find, for the actors of the redevelopment and development of Porto Marghera, acceptable compromises between economic costs, environmental merit, and the amount of total risk generated over a conventional life cycle period of 30 years. Porto Marghera has considerable infrastructures and logistic potential, but suffers because of current land uses from numerous problems of integration with the surrounding areas. Porto Marghera bears contradictory evidence to the waning of the long economic cycle of the chemical industry and its political role in Italian industrial history – particularly in that of the Veneto region.