chapter  11
18 Pages

Organised crime research 1985–2014

Mapping research dynamics through social network analysis
WithPanos Kostakos

This chapter describes a corpus of research articles on organised crime and evaluated their bibliometric and co-word network parameters. It discusses the key bibliometric information and measured the cohesion of the research domain. The chapter explores the density and centrality for each topic network and used strategic diagrams to visualise the evolution of their knowledge structure longitudinally. A knowledge structure can be simply defined as the collection of interrelated facts, knowledge, or information about a subject that can be graphically depicted as a semantic network. Networks of keywords have been shown to be effective tools for assessing the development of research themes. The number of scholars and research teams working together has increased dramatically over the past 30 years. The Internet accumulates new research at such rapid and immense volumes that close reading of all available material is unfeasible, making it challenging to trace the knowledge-flow in scientific domains.