chapter  7
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Dōwa Policy Projects as unfinished human rights business – from Dōtaishin to Ikengushin

WithIan Neary

This chapter focuses on the intellectual justification for the Dowa Policy Projects that were launched after 1969 and the process that led to the projects’ termination in 2002. The report, known as the Dotaishin, divides into several substantive sections: its analysis of the Buraku/Dowa problem, a review of the development of Dowa policy and recommendations for policy. The Dotaishin states that all of this will require the passage of a Special Measures Law to create an appropriate administrative structure and a Dowa Policy Promotion Council will be needed to propose how these ideas will be implemented. The Buraku Liberation League welcomed the report’s commitment to introduce a more comprehensive Dowa policy. The chapter deals with comments that material differences have been removed, but because human rights protection is inadequate, there remains a need to develop policies that will address discrimination and prejudice.