chapter  22
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Russia’s regional and global counterterrorism strategies

How Moscow’s vision of the new global order affects its approach to terrorism
WithMariya Y. Omelicheva

This chapter provides an overview of Russia’s regional and global security and counterterrorism strategies and account for Moscow’s tactical choices prioritising the use of force as well as inconsistencies in counterterrorism measures used by Moscow. It argues that Russia’s regional and global counterterrorism strategy must be understood in the context of broader foreign policy and security goals assessed through the critical geopolitics lens. For the Russian leadership, the main ‘truth’ of global politics is that Russia is a great power by virtue of its size, geostrategic position, immense natural wealth, historical legacy, and cultural superiority. Russia finds itself in the world plagued by a systemic crisis triggered by the United States (US) While Russia has always favoured a Westphalian model of global order emphasising the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity, it has viewed the US-led international liberal order as inimical to its national interests.