chapter  23
11 Pages

Security challenges in Russia-European Union relations

WithMaria Raquel Freire, Licínia Simão

Russia-European Union (EU) relations encompass a broad spectrum of issues across multiple levels of interaction, evidencing a mature and dense relationship between the two neighbours. This chapter explores a mapping exercise, identifying the many issues covered by the spectrum of security relations between the EU and Russia. It addresses the main academic views on the topic, including those from different theoretical traditions, as well as the priorities established by the two actors. The chapter then engages more directly with the ways in which issues have been placed on the bilateral EU-Russia security agenda, and how the different policy documents and options have addressed these varying priorities. It discusses future challenges regarding cooperative and uncooperative trends in Russia-EU security relations, including issues on cybersecurity, hybrid warfare, and popular mobilisation, in a context of tensions over Ukraine and uncertainty at home.