chapter  25
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The impacts of climate change on Russian Arctic security

WithStacy Closson

Russia’s Arctic region – the territory above the Arctic Circle – is one-fifth of Russia’s landmass. This heightens the challenge of climate change to Russia. As the majority of Russia’s High North are coastal cities located on the sea or rivers, the population is directly impacted by climate change. Russia’s security objectives in the High North are socio-economic development and maintaining sovereignty over its territory. This chapter addresses how climate change is expected to have a profound impact on Russian Arctic security, including in the areas of transportation and energy production. It reviews Russia’s position in international climate negotiations on climate change. The chapter also addresses two challenges to addressing climate security in an effective way in Russia, from climate denial to competing interests. It discusses whether outside actors, from the United Nations, to the Arctic Council, to Nordic and Asian countries may assist or desist in Russia’s Arctic climate security challenges.