chapter  28
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Russian-Chinese security cooperation

The Bear and the Dragon
WithMarcel de Haas

This chapter elaborates on the development, current status and likely future of Sino-Russian cooperation in the field of security, as it has advanced since the start of Putin’s presidency in 2000. During the past decade, more and more signals have appeared, demonstrating that the Sino-Russian teamwork is crumbling. Political disputes have occurred in recent years. Sino-Russian foreign political cooperation has primarily focused on an anti-Western (US) stance when needed. Russo-Chinese economic cooperation has only been substantial in the areas of energy and arms, with Russia as supplier and China as recipient. Beijing is acquiring more and more economic and, consequently, also political influence in the former Soviet Central Asian states. The Chinese shift from Russian towards Central Asian gas undermines Russia’s regional and economic influence. The Kremlin is keeping up the appearance that Chinese rising military might does not pose any threat towards Russia. During the past decade, more and more signals have appeared to crumble the Sino-Russian strategic partnership.