chapter  21
Geographic decentralization of FinTech companies in Sweden
ByKatarzyna Jereczek
Pages 12

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This chapter aims to shed light upon the question to what extent the geographical location of a company determines its success, and what are the underlying factors that influence the choice of location. To follow up on those questions, the co-founders of three successful, Sweden-based companies from or directly related to the FinTech industry shared their insights. Starting peoples business in a traditional industry (e.g., the financial industry) involves a lot of market comprehension; they need to not only change their client's mindset, but especially closely collaborate with the local authorities and regulators. Stockholm is regarded as the center of finance and commerce. Several successful Swedish companies from or directly related to the FinTech sector share insights about the factors that played a key role when founding their businesses. One of the crucial factors is the evolution of the financial industry, and in general the market circumstances, such as Internet penetration, mobile usage, and digitalization of traditional industries in Sweden.