chapter  22
When Britain leaves the EU, will FinTechs turn to the Vikings? 1
ByMichal Gromek, Timotheos Mavropoulos
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This chapter focuses on whether the post-Brexit status of the United Kingdom (UK) as a FinTech hub could affect Stockholm's development as well. Stockholm has the potential of offering a "safe harbor" to those British FinTech companies considering relocating to another European Union (EU) country after Brexit. In the wake of the referendum on British membership in the EU, the "remain" and the "leave" voters agreed that the UK was like a rat in a food chamber of the ship called the "EU". From a FinTech perspective, the "rat" may sink after jumping off the ship, depending on whether financial licenses obtained in the UK may be transferable to other EU countries. The establishment of a FinTech one-stop shop information center could operate in English and be able to support international companies considering Sweden as their future FinTech location. Back in the days of the Vikings, Swedes proved themselves as reliable sailors in uncharted waters.