Implications for actors as institutions evolve
ByRobin Teigland, Shahryar Siri, Anthony Larsson, Alejandro Moreno Puertas, Claire Ingram Bogusz
Pages 10

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This conclusion presents some closing thoughts on the concepts covered in the preceding chapters of this book. The book shows that although the changes being realized as a result of FinTech are substantial—perhaps ultimately even "disruptive"—financial services still have a long way to go before institutionalized ecosystem is reshaped entirely. It emphasizes how the need for progress as well as the technological benefits of FinTech outweighs the potential security risks in many cases. The book analyzes the fact that while no European country outlaws the use of cryptocurrencies, policymakers in Sweden and the European Union have been vague on their attitudes toward it: some countries have cautioned users of the risks, while others have not. It discusses the implications of Brexit for other nations, given that it is currently the leading European FinTech nation in the world. Cooperation and mutual understanding between financial institutions and FinTech newcomers have potential to produce shared benefits, as both industries gain from each other.