chapter  9
From Crisis to Experiment
Bourdieu and Dewey on Research Practice and Cooperation
WithTanja Bogusz
Pages 19

This chapter explores the idea of regaining the practice part of practice theory through the lenses of research practice and cooperation. It examines the practice theories of Dewey and Pierre Bourdieu, translating John Dewey's experimentalism into sociology. Being "at home in modernity," Dewey saw political cooperation based in its capacity to social transformation of a structure, on which people, confronted with trials and uncertainty can rely on. Generally speaking, Science and Technology Studies inquiries focus on two options, and both of them resonate with the practice theories of Dewey and Bourdieu: interdisciplinary cooperation and transdisciplinary cooperation between science and society. The chapter explores the procedural dynamics among the three elements of experience, trial, and cooperation in more detail. It argues that cooperation must be reframed as a practice in which socially and culturally heterogeneous actors reassemble around particular problems, or "issues".