chapter  1
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Association of the Anal Position Index (API) with constipation

WithH.A. Sinuhaji, E. Azlin, Supriatmo, A. Rahmad, A. Sinuhaji, A.B. Sinuhaji

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Constipation is one of the most common chronic disorders of childhood. Anterior displacement of the anus is one of the organic causes of constipation. Reisner et al. proposed an objective method to determine the normal position of the anus using the Anal Position Index (API). An API of less than 0.46 in boys and less than 0.36 in girls indicates anterior displacement of the anus. A cross-sectional study of 66 children was conducted. Subjects were chosen using consecutive sampling. Study data were collected by conducting demographic data and by using the API. The API, which is the ratio of anus-scrotum distance in boys and anus-fourchette in girls between the coccyx and fourchette/scrotum, was calculated in this study. Girls were more likely to develop constipation than boys. There was no relationship between the API and constipation (PR 0.825; 95% CI 0.201 to 3.394).