chapter  14
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The relationship between neck circumference and BMI with hypertension in children

WithS. Soraya, M. Lubis, I.I. Fujiati

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Hypertension is still becoming a global health problem. Body Mass Index (BMI) and Neck Circumference (NC) are anthropometric measurements to assess obesity, and are also reported to correlate with the risk of hypertension, to determine the relationship between NC, BMI, and hypertension in children. A cross-sectional study was conducted in North Sumatra, Indonesia. Samples were children aged 12-15 years old. The chi-square test was used to see the relationship between NC, BMI, and hypertension. Logistic regression was used to compare which one has a bigger influence on the increase in blood pressure. A p-value < 0.05 was significant. 264 children were included. Hypertension occurred in 9.8% of children with NC above the 90th percentile, and in 11.4% of children with overweight/ obese BMI status. Children with overweight/obese BMI status showed a higher risk of hypertension. NC and BMI have been correlated with hypertension in children.