chapter  20
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The Correlation Between Smoking and Olfactory Function Using Sniffin’ Sticks Test

WithR. Lubis, D. Munir, S. Nursiah, H.R.Y. Herwanto

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This was an analytical observational study with a cross-sectional design, to determine the correlation between smoking and olfactory function. The population in this study is all employees, staff, residents, and family of patients present in the Ear, Nose and Throat Department, Haji Adam Malik Hospital in September 2016. Subjects had to be between 20-50 years old, currently smoking cigarettes, and not meet the following exclusion criteria: a medical history of recent viral infection, nasal/sinus surgery, nasal/brain tumours, head trauma, radiotherapy, chronic rhinitis in exacerbation, or tracheostomy. Out of 45 smokers, the proportion of olfactory dysfunction was 37.8%, while 62.2% did not suffer from olfactory dysfunction. The Threshold, Discrimination and Identification (TDI) score average was 30.80, with the lowest score average of 22.12 and the highest of 40. The results of this study indicate a significant correlation (p < 0.05) with olfactory dysfunction between the number of sticks per day and the number of years smoking.