chapter  34
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Association between education, length of exposure and economic level with depression

WithF. Gurning, V. Camellia, H.T. Parinduri

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Domestic violence is a social problem associated with an increased risk of mental illness in women. This study investigated the association between education level, length of exposure and economic level with the level of depression amongst woman experiencing domestic violence. This study was an observational study with a cross-sectional approach. Participants were women (82 in total) who were experiencing domestic violence, and were seeking support from PPT Bhayangkara Hospital and the psychiatry clinic of Pirn- gadi Hospital, Medan, Indonesia. An association was found between education level and level of depression (p = 0.01), length of exposure and level of depression (p = 0.01), and economic level and level of depression (p = 0.01). Factors significantly associated with a higher level of depression amongst women experiencing domestic violence were low educational level (OR = 3,754, p = 0.022), economic level (OR = 4,436, p = 0.01) and length of exposure (OR = 4,939, p = 0.018). Awareness needs to be raised through the mental health services and the government in the prevention of depression through psychosocial interventions for women experiencing domestic violence.