chapter  36
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Collection of stem cells in (autologous) donors by apheresis

WithH. Vrielink

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Leukapheresis procedures are performed to collect Hematopoietic Progenitor Cells (HPCs) from autologous and allogeneic donors for stem cell therapies. To collect sufficient HPCs, the cells must be mobilized from the bone marrow into the peripheral circulation with G-CSF, chemotherapy, and or plerixafor. Transfusion of the specific number of HPCs is needed to guarantee sufficiently fast and reliable recovery of the bone marrow function after the myelosuppressive or myeloablative treatment in the patient. To assure safety for the donor as well as patient in this kind of therapy, solid quality in the complete chain is needed. Therefore, in many countries, by law, JACIE/FACT accreditation is required.