chapter  4
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Ferritin levels after ferrous fumarate supplementation in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy

WithL.S. Lintang

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This study is to determine the comparison of ferritin levels after ferrous fumarate supplementation in the second trimester of pregnancy. This study was an experimental study with a pre-/post-test design. All of the subjects’ ferritin serum levels were compared after one month of ferrous fumarate consumption. The study began in April 2015. Blood sampling was conducted on all mothers who met the inclusion criteria; they were given ferrous fumarate for one month and then they were re-examined. The mean rate of ferritin in maternal serum after iron supplementation measured after one month was 28.7689 ± 20.77 ng/ml higher than before treatment, that is, 17.5 ± 19.09 ng/ml. A Wilcoxon test gave p-value < 0.05. There is a significant increase in the serum levels of pregnant women’s ferritin after iron supplementation.