chapter  45
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Ascariasis Incidence in Children who Received Single and Repeated Educational Lectures

WithM.A. Boediman, M. Lubis, O.R. Ramayani, P.D.H. Simbolon

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The World Health Organization (WHO) have recommended albendazole 400 mg for the eradication ascariasis. Despite effective treatment options, reinfection following treatment alone is inevitable. A case-control study was conducted to investigate the difference in incidence of ascariasis in children who received education on sanitation and personal hygiene once with recurrent in Singkuang village, South Tapanuli, North Sumatera from April to October 2016. The subjects were elementary school children selected using a cluster sampling technique. Statistical analysis was performed by Chi-square and Fisher’s exact test. One hundred and seventy elementary school children were divided into two groups, with 85 subjects in the control group. The incidence of ascariasis was found to be 24% in the control group and 3% in the case group. Children who received recurrent education tended to be 8.4 times more likely not to succumb to ascariasis. There were significant differences in the incidence in both groups (p = 0.001).