chapter  5
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The relationship of HER2 overexpression to the histopathologic grading of breast cancer

WithS. Indriani, K. Siregar, Suyatno

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Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2 (HER2) has a close relationship with the histopathologic grading of breast cancer that is thought to be associated with prognosis and recurrence. The data was taken from 2011-2014 tissue histopathology, grading, and HER2 medical records data. An immunohistochemistry examination for HER2 with values of +1 or +2 is said to be negative (unexpressed), and for +3 is said to be overexpressed; the grades were grouped into low grade (grades 1 and 2) and high grade (grade 3). From this study, we obtained a prevalence ratio of 7.667. Thus it can be said that HER2 expression was eight times more likely to have a high grading when compared with negative HER2 results. There was a significant association between HER2/neu overexpression and the histopathologic grading of breast cancer.