chapter  57
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The CYP2A13 Arg257Cys Polymorphism and its Relationship to Lung Cancer

WithN.N. Soeroso, B.Y.M. Sinaga, R. Zain-Hamid, A.H. Sadewa, E. Syahruddin

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A common polymorphism, Arg257Cys of CYP2A13 gene, is associated with lung cancer in several populations. The aim of this study was to analyse the relationship between this polymorphism and lung cancer in several ethnics of the Indonesia population. Consecutive sampling and case-control study were applied. The PCR-RFLP assay was employed to genotype. The chi-square test with p < 0.05 considered as significant. Of all 50 subjects, 26 (13%) individuals were heterozygotes, and 37 (74%) were homozygote for the 257Cys allele. The frequency distributions among ethnics were Acehnese two (5.4%) homozygote, Malay two (5.4%) homozygote, Chinese one (7.7%) heterozygote, 20 (54%) homozygote and six (46.1%) heterozygotes in Batak, 13 (35.1%) homozygote and six (46.1%) heterozygotes in Javanese. The CYP2A13 Arg- 257Cys variant represents a common polymorphism in Batak and Javanese ethnics. There is no association between Arg257Cys polymorphism of CYP2A13 and lung cancer.