chapter  66
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Effect of fluticasone furoate on metalloproteinase matrix expression-9 in nasal polyps

WithS.V. Hutagalung, F. Sofyan, Suriyanti, D. Munir

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MMP-9 enhances vascular permeability resulting in oedema and the displacement of inflammatory cells. Fluticasone furoate has a receptor affinity for glucocorticoid receptors. The objective is to find out the effect of fluticasone furoate on the expression of MMP-9 in nasal polyps. The research was with an experimental quasi-design of 16 nasal polyps. Examination of MMP-9 expression in nasal polyps was performed with immunohistochemistry. MMP-9 expression before fluticasone furoate showed an overexpression of 75%, but after therapy it was 37.5%. There was a significant decrease in MMP-9 expression after fluticasone furoate therapy.