chapter  8
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Association between hypertension and health-related quality of life in adolescents

WithN. Rosari, O.R. Ramayani, E. Effendy, R. Siregar, B. Siregar

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The prevalence of hypertension in children, particularly those of school age, is increasing and is related to a change in the quality of life. To assess the relationship between hypertension and the quality of life in adolescence, a cross-sectional study was conducted in 13-18 year old adolescents in Singkuang, North Sumatra. Anthropometry and blood pressure measurements were done. The quality of life was assessed using the PedsQL questionnaire. From a total of 79 samples, 19 (24.1%) children were hypertensive and 60 (75.9%) were not. There were 67 (84.8%) children with good and 12 (15.2%) with poor quality of life. There were 14 (17.7%) hypertensive children with good and 5 (6.3%) with poor quality of life. A chi-squared test was done with a value of p = 0.121 (PR = 2.256 and CI 95% = 0.809-6.287). There is no relationship between hypertension and quality of life in adolescents.