chapter  15
Building Materials
WithGuy Beresford
Pages 3

This chapter summarises the type and provenance of the structural iron work found at Caldecote. Most of this material was recovered from Period four contexts and therefore could be either of post-medieval date or residual medieval material. Excavations revealed ten hinge pivots and four possible strap hinge fragments. The largest of the pivots, from the rectory had a pin cl5mm in diameter, and therefore probably supported an external door or farm gate. Excavations at Caldecote produced a significant amount of ceramic building material, comprised almost entirely of roof tile. A single finely worked architectural fragment of limestone or clunch, probably from a window or door surround, was recovered from a Period three context on Croft E. Most of the window glass recovered is the thin pale green or blue/green glass of the eighteenth century used for both windows and where flat glass was required in furniture such as cabinets.