chapter  2
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Resistance as a Methodology

A Counterhegemonic Movement for Praxis in Education
ByJennifer Gale de Saxe

This chapter aims to provide the term resistance as a methodological tool and framework. It argues that it has the potential to drive and substantiate authentic transformation through praxis. The chapter offers a nuanced and multifaceted discussion in which to reconceptualise resistance through critical feminist and education perspectives. It discusses oppositional methodologies and theories. The chapter considers a reframing of resistance within education, teaching, and learning. It describes resistance as something that is contextually and conceptually unique while also thinking about it as a deliberate and promising methodology given the context and scope of teaching, learning, and public education in the United States. Consciousness of relations of subordination and domination is the step in moving toward the critical sensibility needed to build counter hegemonic movements in education. Many people believe that successful education is framed by demonstrating, by quantifiable and standardized means, that students in the United States are globally competitive and can compete internationally.