chapter  4
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The Formidable

Chinatown Enclave Educators’ Agency and Resistance
WithSumer Seiki

This chapter begins with a generational exploration revealing the ways Chinatown educators learned to resist from their parents, who immigrated during an era of restrictive laws. It explores the long-term influence of growing up within Chinatown, namely, the ways these educators have engaged in resistance against generational reverberations of racial exclusion, such as whitewashing, Americanisation, and subsequent language loss, and the trope of the perpetual foreigner in curriculum. The chapter discusses the unique ways in which educators use their agency to resist in different forms. Interestingly, they create relational networks of resistance, like their own parents, to disrupt the continual impacts of racism on the children of Colour within the San Francisco Bay Area. This chapter acknowledges these formidable Chinatown educators who individually and collectively actively resisted racialized stereotypes and built new networks, curriculum, policies and schools within San Francisco Unified School District. Within the Chinatown boundaries, the enclave and parents also cultivated a sense of belonging for their children.