chapter  7
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Hijacks and Hijinks on the US History Review Committee 1

WithLaura K. Muñoz, Julio Noboa

On May 20, 2010, the Associated Press reported a revolt on the US History II Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills Social Studies Review Committee, the committee tasked with revising the standards for 11th grade US history classrooms in the state of Texas. Former State Board of Education Chair Don McLeroy had nominated Ames to the committee, and the Texas Education Agency assigned him to a "citizen" position on the 11th grade US history committee. A retired marketing manager and self-described activist "who served as a Minuteman on the Texas and Arizona borders," Bill Ames proclaimed that "liberal activists hijacked Texas' social studies curriculum process." The chapter argues that the committee actively and ethically engaged the standards writing process, working diligently to build a set of standards that met the historical criteria and pedagogical goals for 11th grade US history since 1877.