chapter  8
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Community Teaching as Agency

WithKate Napolitan

Peter Murrell wrote that community teachers "draw on richly contextualized knowledge of culture, community, and identity in their professional work with children and families in diverse urban communities". Upon entering her teacher education program, Pari knew she was orientated toward families in the way community teaching outlines, particularly to immigrant families. Through listening, harnessing their anger through agency, and creating a small collective to sustain their efforts as community teachers, they exemplify the essence of agency and resistance. Pari's critical self-reflecting and praxis epitomizes the essence of agency and resistance. As part of her teacher education program, Pari had participated in a series of sessions with local community mentors. These mentors were part of the Community Teaching strand, and when Pari was about one-third of the way into her teacher education program, the mentors organized a School to Prison Pipeline Panel and Discussion.