chapter  25
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Exploring conversations about science in new media

WithAshley Rose Mehlenbacher

Online communication technologies have changed how scientific information can be communicated. Further, online communication technologies have reconfigured the relationship between experts and publics. Along with the conventional communication of scientific findings to publics, important conversations about scientific practice have been propelled into public discourse. The replication crisis facing life and psychological sciences is one such case that exemplifies how a conversation about scientific practice, scientific methods, and the validity of scientific findings is taken up in more public spheres of discourse than one might conventionally expect. In this chapter, a case study of replication crisis explores how what may seem to be a debate firmly grounded in the sphere of science is taken up in broader public discussion. The replication crisis is a case that illustrates how deeply online conversation and disciplinary concerns entail one another to change the media ecologies within which science is communicated.