chapter  28
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Becoming the other

The body in translation
WithHélène Mialet

In this article, I describe different processes of translation that participate in the constitution of the knowing subject. I focus on three cases: François Montel, a researcher working for a large corporation in France; Stephen Hawking, the genius physicist; and Type 1 Diabetes, the Thinking’s Person Disease. Based on these cases, where we see how human competences are redistributed into collectives composed of humans and non-humans, I propose we rethink the definition of the human, and with this reconceptualization, our definitions of the political, the moral, and the ethical. By suggesting a new definition of ‘the Anthropos’ as a distributed-centered subject, this essay not only forces us to rethink our basic ideas of human form, but also lays out a program of research that will be of interest to scholars in science and technology studies as well as to others working in the human, social, political, or natural sciences.