chapter  9
19 Pages

Decentred governance in the EU’s security and development policies

WithLudvig Norman

The chapter argues that transformations in recent of European governance in the fields of security and development policy, can be viewed as a reflection of broader transformations in international governance practices. This is considered by tracing the process through which the respective fields of European development cooperation policy and security policy, once separated by strict organizational and conceptual boundaries, have become increasingly intermingled at the European level in the 2000s and onwards. It demonstrates how the evolution of these policy fields were part and parcel of the reconfiguration of international development practice along with a broad redefinition of the concept and practice of security, emerging in the 1980s and picking up momentum after the end of the Cold War. The analysis points to how norms, rules and practices originating in other settings reshape the contours European governance in this field, but also how this can result in tensions with the formal institutional structures of the EU.