chapter  3
18 Pages

The coaching journey

Learning as lifelong and life-wide
WithChristine Nash, Diane Culver, Koon-Teck Koh, Melissa Thompson, Larissa Galatti, Tiago Duarte

This chapter examines coaches’ learning journeys, how they are immersed in practice, the sources of support available to them, and the subsequent implications for coach development. It briefly analyses the history of the term lifelong learning and then its application in the sport coach development literature. Lifelong learning theory has contributed to discussions at the level of developing frameworks for studying how coaches and coach developers learn, and designing effective learning opportunities. The chapter provides two case studies which examining the learning journeys of coaches in two different countries, Singapore and USA, with different coaching systems and different cultures. Coach learning is a social process and informal learning situations such as day-to-day experiences in the field have been a valuable method for learning how to coach. The coaching landscape spans many age levels and competitive environments, making it nearly impossible to ‘train’ coaches for all potential scenarios.