chapter  8
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The Weight Watchers Diet

WithMegan Barnett

Weight Watchers is the most widely used commercial diet in the world. The Weight Watchers program involves some optional but commonly used tools such as a diet plan, weekly meetings for support, and tips for exercise and mindful eating. This chapter reviews Weight Watcher's history including the progression of how their diet has changed over the years, the current program and cost, what the current research shows, typical results that participants experience, the pros and cons of this program, and finally, who will benefit most from this diet. Weight Watchers diet programs have always been based on using a moderate calorie restriction for weight loss. Weight Watchers tends to be a reasonably balanced plan compared to healthy eating guidelines, especially its higher carbohydrate plan as it allows for more fiber intake. Weight Watchers seems to have greater adherence than other more restrictive diets since it allows greater flexibility in food choices and participants are able to buy traditional grocery foods.