chapter  1
Community Approaches to Climate Change
Challenges and Opportunities in the 21st Century
WithPaul Lachapelle, Don Albrecht
Pages 12

Community response to address the social, economic and environmental impacts associated with climate change is growing. This introductory chapter provides the foundation for this new edited volume that details this emergent catalogue of climate change research within the context of the United States and with a broader definition of the term “community.” The authors define community more comprehensively than just geography (spatial scale) to include also communities of interest (motive or purpose), identity (self or group definition) and practice (habits or systems). The concept of community, in all its diverse definitions and manifestations, provides a unique approach to learn more about how groups of individuals and organizations are addressing the challenges posed by climate change through more resilient social processes, government policies and sustainable practices to address stress and respond better to sudden shock. By highlighting community responses to climate change through these case studies, policy narratives and scholarly contributions, the authors’ goal in providing this edited volume is simple: to build on the growing scholarship and to inform policy and practice within the field of community development in the context of climate change.