chapter  16
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The Role Of Community Capitals in Climate Change Adaptation in a Binational Setting

WithKristen A. Goodrich, Danielle Boudreau, Jeffrey A. Crooks, Ana Eguiarte, Julio Lorda

Communities are often exposed to conditions that can threaten their lives, properties and natural environments. Increasingly so, these conditions are exacerbated by climate change. This chapter examines: (1) a binational community that is divided by an international border, yet shares vulnerability to precipitation-driven flood hazards; (2) examples of how this community is participating in adaptation planning efforts undertaken by the Climate Understanding and Resilience in the River Valley project; (3) collaboration resulting in the development of four future climate scenarios; and (4) enhancements observed in community capitals, including social capital, throughout the process. Areas for future measurement, evaluation and documentation of processes linked to enhancements of and interactions between community capitals will be discussed to improve understanding of adaptation planning processes that meaningfully engage communities in planning and implementation and result in resilience.