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Metalworking Fluid Management and Troubleshooting

WithGregory J. Foltz

This chapter discusses the control and management of the metalworking fluid variable. The main functions of a metalworking fluid are to control heat and provide lubricity. It must also flush away the chips and protect the machines and workpieces from corrosion. The ability of a supplier to quickly deliver material, and the ability of the user to maintain a minimal inventory, are becoming more critical in the metalworking fluid industry. A metalworking fluid user can define an answer to the various selection criteria, and most suppliers can furnish the information requested in an evaluation. Water is the major ingredient in a water-soluble metalworking fluid mix. Hard water, when combined with some water-soluble metalworking fluids, promotes the formation of insoluble soaps. The dissolved minerals in the water combine with anionic emulsifiers in the metalworking fluid concentrate to form these insoluble compounds that appear as a scum in the mix.