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Costs Associated with the Use of Metalworking Fluids

WithLloyd J. Lazarus

There are many misconceptions about the costs of using metalworking fluids (MWFs) in machining operations. Unlike a perishable cutting tool used to make a particular part feature, the MWF can be used for multiple parts with different features that are machined on that particular machine tool. The main branches represent how the machine tool, perishable cutting tool, workpiece material, process parameters, MWFs and their health, safety, and environment (HS&E) impact overall cutting performance, the quality of the part generated, and the perishable cutting tool life. Water-based fluids are handled by the waste management organization within the plant. There is one waste management full-time employee (FTE) assigned to MWFs. All machine tools that use MWFs have a coolant card attached to the main power cabinet. The card has the capital equipment number and the sump size listed. The chemical material handler (CMH) records on the card the date, the action taken, the amount, and the code number of the MWF supplied.