chapter  6
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WithGraham G. Stewart

There are raw materials (ingredients) that are essential in conventional brewing procedures for beer production. These ingredients are: malted cereals, water, hops, and yeast. There are materials, collectively called adjuncts that are employed for brewing but are not essential for beer production. However, with certain exceptions, most countries employ adjuncts. Adjuncts are unmalted cereals and sugars that are used as a replacement (usually in part) for malted barley. One parameter that has contributed to the enhancement of adjunct quality is the advent of a number of sophisticated novel analytical instruments (on- and off-line). Notable instruments in this context are: Gas chromatography associated with mass spectroscopy (GC-MS); High performance liquid chromatography associated again with mass spectroscopy (HPLC-MS).; Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR spectroscopy) to confirm the identity of small molecules; and rapid detection, identification, and classification of microbial contaminants.