chapter  14
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“I’ve been in the danger zone!”

Botchamania as a site of cultural convergence for the modern internet-savvy wrestling fan
WithMario A. Dozal, Gabriela I. Morales

The Botchamania online series serves as a site of cultural convergence for modern Internet-savvy wrestling fans who generate their own cultural wrestling memes while performing cultural resistance. Since 2007, Botchamania has collected professional wrestling’s greatest bloopers on sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion. Yet while the series is presented as humorous entertainment, it also serves as a vehicle that allows fans to act as culture jammers by taking the original programming and using it to critique the product. This chapter draws on the work of Henry Jenkins to explore the various ways Botchamania mashes up different forms of media to create new a media product for participatory professional wrestling fans.