chapter  13
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A virtual ethnographic comparison of social media movement-building techniques used by queer and disabled activists
WithZahari Richter

This chapter intentionally uses the language of ‘LGBT’ in order to ground social movements-oriented analysis in the histories of resistance that have taken shape most prominently in US politics, such as the Stonewall riot, AIDS drama and the transgender tipping point. It engages the internet as a series of literal places of social organization. The chapter argues that the layer of anonymity provided by networked societies and communication aid the growth of alterity cultures. It emphasizes a distinction between smaller serial blogs and ‘thinkpiece’ blogs or blog-essays that make a complete point in a short space. Networked deviancies discussion cultures allow for the expansive growth of responses to and uses of formerly insular language regarding specific identity formations and the invocation of those formations in subcultural venues. Flash blogs or planned group blogging events scheduled for specific dates and topics have been used repeatedly to address different problems with the current conversation about disability.