chapter  15
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Advocacy in Jordan

A paradigm shift from the medical model to the rights-based approach
WithMuhannad Alazzeh

For centuries, as in most countries, the disability movement in Jordan was ­influenced by the medical model in its perspective towards and handling of the rights and issues of people with disabilities. The first law regarding people with disabilities in Jordan was issued in 1993. It was a welfare law of the first order, starting with its name, Law for the Welfare of Disabled Persons, and in its articles that were preaching in tone and closer to a declaration of principles than to applicable law articles. Jordan consistently attended the meetings of the ad hoc committee for the drafting of the Convention. This official activity in the corridors of the United Nations was paralleled by the activities of civil society organizations in Jordan and other Arab countries. Advocacy activities were at their highest when the final draft of the law was sent to the Cabinet to be discussed in the legislating bureau in the presence of all the concerned ministers.