chapter  16
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Transforming disability law and policy in Peru

The role of civil society
WithAlberto Vásquez Encalada

Peru has adopted a regulatory and policy framework for promoting, protecting and ensuring the rights of people with disabilities, including a general law on people with disabilities, a national disability survey and various national programmes. The work of the disability rights movement in Peru has been key to these improvements. Most achievements were accomplished thanks to the initiative and efforts of civil society organizations, particularly organizations of people with disabilities. Peru is a constitutional republic in western South America. Its total population is estimated at 32.1 million, more than a third of whom live in its capital and largest city, Lima. The vigour of the Peruvian disability movement was in decline. The political and economic crisis had an impact on the capacity of organizations to operate and survive. Institutional and personal agendas also led to divisions and the weakening of solidarity.