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Is it Possible to Conduct Education Processes Using Big Data? Challenges and Opportunity

WithHeru Susanto

Technology advances have eased the way technologies are being used, leading to more and more data being generated everyday through the usage of mobile phones, document uploads, e-mail and online chat that leaves data traces. This data that is so large and available everywhere, impractical to be managed with traditional analysis tools is known as big data. In recent years, with global changes, institutions of higher education have been changing the ways learning is being delivered compared to the past, as they are becoming more reliant on technologies. Big data has become more and more important not only for businesses but also for universities and higher educational institutes. In some universities, they have started working on data mining, extraction, and analytics to analyze the data that will benefit the field of education to adapt better to situations happening within and outside the learning environment and to optimize the student learning experiences. The main purpose of this study is to identify the ways in which big data can be used to support universities and higher education. There are also a few challenges of big data identified that need to be tackled before implementing the big data which could bring 24greater benefits to the universities and higher education, but at the same time could have other negative effects.