chapter  Chapter 3
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Revealing the Big Data Revolution as a Driver of Science Achievement in Today’s Globalization

WithHeru Susanto, Fang-Yie Leu

Big data, most often considered as “crude oil,” has a large volume of data that comprises raw data that has not been processed. On the other hand, data science means “data mining.” It is the extraction of big data using means of data analysis. Understanding big data to support data science can be referred to the extraction of big data with the help of critical analysis, and this extraction results in the 4Vs of big data roles. This report focuses on understanding big data to support data science, which started with the research and analysis on the roles of big data and data sciences through various literature reviews. Followed by critical analysis, the result and discussion are conducted on the benefits and issues of the research studies. In conclusion, recommendations are given to solve the identified problems. However, there are limitations in the research as there were only a few studies conducted on data science. As concluded, without big data, data science can still function but it will neither give out the right nor correct or complete information. It is understandable that data science has the ability to create potential knowledge from the data 50extraction and also brings more benefits, too, but the rising of several issues should also be tackled.