chapter  Chapter 9
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Crafting Strategies Through ICT as an Enabler of Business Process Reengineering

WithHeru Susanto

The competition level has been increasing dramatically for business. Business process reengineering (BPR) provides a solution to this issue. Many corporations have become successful with BPR. BPR is the continuous modification and redesigning of business processes to achieve more improvement in quality, cost, performance, services, and response in a business, whereas business processing is the activities that implement what a consumer or the market desires for a product or service. Through IT business can become more valuable for consumers both internally and externally. IT allows an efficient and effective change in when work is performed. The successfulness of BPR depends on critical factors such as how to implement IT into process reengineering. IT is a major core of BPR and was called as a major cause for the change. Continued improvement in IT tends to create a high-executing organizational design while also contributing suppleness to redesign business processes to organizations.