chapter  5
16 Pages

Use of Cryopreservation for All Embryos

WithSamuel Santos-Ribeiro, Shari Mackens, Biljana Popovic-Todorovic, Annalisa Racca, Christophe Blockeel, Panagiotis Drakopoulos

An increasingly vast number of researchers have alluded to the potential benefit of distancing the transfer of embryos produced during assisted reproductive technologies away from ovarian stimulation. The scientific evidence that may justify this recent trend in the use of the “freeze-all strategy” includes randomized controlled trials demonstrating an increase in live birth rates after elective embryo cryopreservation and population studies associating frozen embryo transfers with a lower incidence of prematurity and low birth weight. At a time when over 1.5 million treatment cycles are performed annually, the possible logistical and financial implications such findings may have has become the focus of much attention. This chapter aims to sketch an image of what a future world of “freeze-for-all” may look like. We go over the potential medical advantages of such an approach, meanwhile alluding to possible solutions for the main issues that currently limit a more widespread use of this strategy.