chapter  13
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Continuity of American Xenophobia under Trump and Plausible alternatives

WithJames Diego Vigil, Nativo Lopez Vigil

President Donald Trump had encountered a legal way to separate children from their parents as an artifice to discourage undocumented migrants from amassing at the US’s southern border in search of refuge. The bellowing bully Trump was forced to backpedal and issue an executive order ending the policy of separation of children. The Trump administration, as occurred under President Barack Obama and previous administrations, has sought to obligate local law enforcement to act and operate as an arm of Immigration and Customs Enforcement in pursuit of undocumented persons and have them removed from the US. According to the American Immigration Council, Section 287(g) of the “US Immigration and Naturalization Act authorizes the Department of Homeland Security to deputize selected state and local law enforcement officers to enforce federal immigration law.” The Flores Settlement Agreement stemmed from a class action lawsuit filed in 1985 by the Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law and the National Youth Law Center.