chapter  2
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Why the Left Must Change

Right-wing populism in context
WithSimon Winlow, Steve Hall, James Treadwell

The fundamental neoliberal policies have inflicted more social damage on the eastern regions that were part of the German Democratic Republic, and it is there that support for the resurgent right has been at its strongest. Many liberals seem confident that because right-wing nationalists are to make a major breakthrough in the larger democracies of Europe, the repugnant politics of the far right will eventually be rejected. The liberal left has attenuated its critique of capitalism and focuses almost exclusively upon the cultural field. Many in the mainstream media, and liberal academia, believe the Brexit result–which, to reiterate, comes from a poll on Britain’s continued membership of the European Union –is an indication of growing racism among the white working class and the over-sixties. Many angry middle-class liberals are quite clearly blind to the suffering of those who occupy neoliberalism’s areas of permanent recession and have fallen through the holes in the welfare state’s moth-eaten safety net.