chapter  7
14 Pages

Corporate Criminality and Resisting Financial and Securities Frauds

WithGregg Barak

This chapter provides an overview of the impunity of high-powered financial and securities crimes. It outlines the long-term goals for checking the power of humongous corporations and the short-term goals for the better enforcement and regulation of the financial crimes committed by the global actors. In terms of financial and securities crimes which has been and will be the case without any kind of structural transformation of the prevailing relations of the global political economy, then these crimes of speculative finance will continue essentially unfettered and unimpeded. The chapter shows that there are specific “white-collar” prosecutorial policies and practices that could be immediately employed and/or adopted to resist and/or reduce the trends of criminal impunity enjoyed by the perpetrators of a myriad of “high-end” financial frauds and securities crimes. It focuses on the kinds of policy changes required to address the structural conditions underpinning the unchecked corporate power and the routinizing crimes of the powerful.