chapter  Chapter 1
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Nano-carbon Terahertz Sensors and Imagers

WithYukio Kawano

This chapter presents several types of terahertz (THz) detectors based on carbon nano tube (CNT) and graphene devices and discusses their future applications to nano-carbon THz imagers. The THz frequency region is located between the microwave region and the visible/near-infrared light region. THz technology nowadays is anticipated to have a strong impact in a wide variety of fields, ranging from basic science such as biochemical spectroscopy, astronomy, and condensed-matter physics to practical areas such as high-speed communication, medicine, agriculture, and security. Progress in nano-electronic devices based on semiconductors and superconductors has led to significant improvement in THz devices—for example, quantum cascade lasers with multiple semiconductor quantum wells, superconductor tunneling junction detectors, superconductor nano-bolometers and coherent emitters with high-temperature superconductors. Among various types of nanomaterials, nano-carbons such as CNTs and graphene are promising candidates for future high-performance THz devices, owing to their unique electronic and optoelectronic properties.